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Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.), University of Stuttgart
Electrical Engineering, University of Stuttgart 


2019-now Uber ATG, Seattle,
Technical Lead Manager, managing a team of software engineers working on ATG's ground truth annotation tool:
Bernd Heisele Curriculum Vi
Automation of annotations in Lidar and image data with DL.
Scalable offline and online GPU model inference for ATG's annotation tool.
Machine-generated annotator scoring and ranking.
Machine-assisted quality control with classical ML and DL.

Mighty AI, Seattle,
Principal Computer Vision Engineer, head of CV/ML team:

Object detection and segmentation for QA and automated annotation.
Model serving framework to generate annotations at scale with DL models.
Class-agnostic interactive tracking tool.


Microsoft, Bellevue,
Principal Applied Scientist, AI and Robotics:
Face detection and recognition.
Visual navigation.
Multi-camera networks.


Honda Research Institute USA, Boston and Mountain View,
Principal Scientist,
Head of Perception Group
Object detection and recognition for humanoid robots.
Real-time vision systems for driver assistance.
Detection and tracking of pedestrians, cars, bicyclists in videos and laser data.
Detection of occluded pedestrians.
Pedestrian path prediction.
Camera-based vehicle self localization.

M.I.T, Postdoctoral Fellow, Visiting Scientist,
Center for Biological & Computational Learning
Face detection, face recognition, facial expression recognition. 
Part-based object detection and recognition.
Taught grad class 9.913 "Pattern Recognition for Vision".
Daimler-Benz Research Center, Ulm, Research Assistant
Interactive 3-D object recognition system for service robots.
Detecting moving objects in video sequences of traffic scenes. 
Video radar sensor fusion for autonomous car driving.
Segmentation of color images with Hopfield nets.
Research Assistant, Institute of Physical Electronics and Photovoltaics, University of Stuttgart: 

Visualization and analysis of flow fields in combustion engines.